Here’s something a little different. Dr Dinah Roe is a Senior Lecturer in 19th-century literature at Oxford Brookes University. She has just produced this truly insightful introduction to Christina Rossetti’s 1859 mind-bending poem Goblin Market. Is it just the wild imagining of a drugged-up Pre-Raphaelite, a treatise on lesbian incest, a feminist tract, or a vision of the more sinister aspects of the faeries? Maybe all of the above. Rossetti certainly captures the maleficent essence that is often prevalent in faerie-tales. Evidently, she seems quite familiar with the metaphysical realities of these supernatural entities, and weaves them into a dark, dreamlike poem that is both revolutionary for the time and deeply personal. Her extensive use of Laudanum may have contributed to her ability to see into the world of the faeries, and it remains one of the most authentic poetic manifestations of the Otherworld. Dinah Roe’s text is reproduced here…

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