I was born and spent my childhood and youth in the wide flat (not boring) city of Perth in Western Australia before becoming a professional musician for 30 years… finally quitting (professionally) in 2004 to focus on my writing and family.

During my time in the music industry I was fortunate enough to travel extensively and find time to complete a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours in English and Comparative Literature… followed up with a Post Graduate Degree in Journalism.

After my departure from music I worked for 10 years as Copywriter with one of Australia’s largest marketing companies.

I am now semi-retired and spend most of my time enjoying the company of friends and family while writing fiction, poetry and especially about subjects of philosophical interest – religion, spirituality, mind and ethics.

Although I double majored with philosophy in my undergraduate degree, I consider myself as an amateur in this area and write with more of a journalistic slant. Reading is an important requirement as well, so I spend a vast amount of time researching.

The aim of this blog is to make the issues raised informative and interesting and I hope you enjoy it.

All enquiries are welcome please use the contact form to message me.

Ian G Graham.