Incarnational Theology.

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What is Incarnational Theology?

Theologically speaking Michael Murray and Michael Rea explain that “the doctrine of the Incarnation holds that, at a time roughly two thousand years in the past, the second person of the trinity took on himself a distinct, fully human nature” (1). Thus, the result is that Jesus was a single person in full possession of two distinct natures: one human and one divine. According to the Council of Chalcedon (451 AD) the divine nature of the Son was united but not mixed with human nature in one divine Person, Jesus Christ, who was both “truly God and truly man.” The council acknowledges that God manifested in Jesus “in two natures without confusion, without change, without division, without separation… [with] each distinctive character of each nature being preserved.”

However, critics have held this concept to be incoherent. Thomas Morris explains that some have contended the doctrine to…

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Phodong : Learning about symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism — thatmishmash

It was an extremely perilous journey on that very wet day when we started from Gangtok. I am so thankful to our enthusiastic and cautious driver , who assured us we would make it to Phodong and Labrang , although it would take us longer than usual due to land slides the previous night. Imagine […]

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Sanatana Dharma :Raise and Reason of Atheism (Series # 04)

Spiritual Consciousness

“Atheist” means rejecting the faith of God creation and its existence. There is thousand logic has been put before theist like “If God exist why we can not see it?”, “If God is exist then why can not we prove his existence by scientific evidence?” “If god exist, why can not god control and help during natural disaster?” “If God exist, why this whole world is suffer from disease, poverty, torture?” Many consider that God is reason for fight and war. Some says, following path of Dharma and God is addiction. Some say be dharmic is primitive act.

But what is reality?  what is reality about existence of God?  what atheist think is right?

The Reason of Being Atheist

The concluded point by me that why people chose to be atheist:

  1. People ignorance towards concept of God, Character, Concept of Karma and Natural law.
  2. In Name of religion, a narrow mindset which has been developed in…

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Goblin Market


Here’s something a little different. Dr Dinah Roe is a Senior Lecturer in 19th-century literature at Oxford Brookes University. She has just produced this truly insightful introduction to Christina Rossetti’s 1859 mind-bending poem Goblin Market. Is it just the wild imagining of a drugged-up Pre-Raphaelite, a treatise on lesbian incest, a feminist tract, or a vision of the more sinister aspects of the faeries? Maybe all of the above. Rossetti certainly captures the maleficent essence that is often prevalent in faerie-tales. Evidently, she seems quite familiar with the metaphysical realities of these supernatural entities, and weaves them into a dark, dreamlike poem that is both revolutionary for the time and deeply personal. Her extensive use of Laudanum may have contributed to her ability to see into the world of the faeries, and it remains one of the most authentic poetic manifestations of the Otherworld. Dinah Roe’s text is reproduced here…

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Belief and Dogma in the Age of Disenchantment!

Lucien James


Are we living in a disenchanted world where secularists invite us to eat from a tasting plate of feel-free delights? Others tell us to peck around scraps left at the jagged edges of reality and some offer us the discomfort of darkness… and to only seek answers in the clear light of reason.

Plenty of rocks are thrown in life, we all get stoned and have scars to show for it, even in this age of individualism but rather than seeking guidance through a system of belief (in a traditional sense), the quest for good feelings and happiness is now chemical and the Holy Grail of psychiatry – euphoria along neuronal pathways. Are substances going to get you and I out of existential despair though, get us over the line to happiness? What’s it to be, a prescription for a bowlful of chemical soup thickened with pointless self-serving morality, or…

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Extraordinary Experiences: Religious and Other Physic Phenomenon.

Lucien James

by Ian G Graham.

14763396765_61e3af2f67_zThe occurrence of religious and preternatural experiences within different cultures over many centuries has been well documented and attempts by modern scientific materialists to dismiss them as delusions or mental health issues has not been entirely successful. The fact is, of the millions of people who have unusual experiences of various kinds, most are healthy everyday well- adjusted people.

Individuals can experience unusual phenomenon that is frequent or rare, from the more common experiences we’re all familiar with like: gut feelings, premonitions, distant knowing, deja vu, ESP, telepathy and events involving synchronicity, to more intense life-changing events where one might experience something ineffable – a mystical union of oneness with a divine reality or a religious epiphany. Here are a few typical examples of the more common experiences people report:

Pizza Place Premonition:

While I was working at XYZ, I started to feel like I was…

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