Delving the origin of Yin and yang — The art of Sentience

The ancient wisdom of perspective

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Phodong : Learning about symbolism in Tibetan Buddhism — thatmishmash

It was an extremely perilous journey on that very wet day when we started from Gangtok. I am so thankful to our enthusiastic and cautious driver , who assured us we would make it to Phodong and Labrang , although it would take us longer than usual due to land slides the previous night. Imagine […]

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My Not-For-Profit New Age Business!

Lucien James


New Agers believe they are holistic adventurers on a cosmic highway travelling freely through galaxies of irrationality towards the Age of Aquarius…with no particular approach to spirituality but a commitment to healing through a kaleidoscope of natural alternative therapies and practises.

South Eastern Australia is where I experienced the New Age Movement as the small business owner of a shop which opened its doors five and a half days a week for very little profit. Despite the meagre cash-flow, what I found deeply rewarding was the local community support, especially their creation of a spiritual tapestry stitched together with the best intentions that came in many colours and shapes.

Our customers were an eclectic bunch, full of spiritual possibilities born from different ideas and cultures. Angel lovers were as equally keen to explore Zen, Zeus, Tao, Lao-Tzu or Alan Watts and Roger Crowley in a rich brew of exchanges…

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