Extraordinary Experiences: Religious and Other Physic Phenomenon.

Lucien James

by Ian G Graham.

14763396765_61e3af2f67_zThe occurrence of religious and preternatural experiences within different cultures over many centuries has been well documented and attempts by modern scientific materialists to dismiss them as delusions or mental health issues has not been entirely successful. The fact is, of the millions of people who have unusual experiences of various kinds, most are healthy everyday well- adjusted people.

Individuals can experience unusual phenomenon that is frequent or rare, from the more common experiences we’re all familiar with like: gut feelings, premonitions, distant knowing, deja vu, ESP, telepathy and events involving synchronicity, to more intense life-changing events where one might experience something ineffable – a mystical union of oneness with a divine reality or a religious epiphany. Here are a few typical examples of the more common experiences people report:

Pizza Place Premonition:

While I was working at XYZ, I started to feel like I was…

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