Belief and Dogma in the Age of Disenchantment!

Lucien James


Are we living in a disenchanted world where secularists invite us to eat from a tasting plate of feel-free delights? Others tell us to peck around scraps left at the jagged edges of reality and some offer us the discomfort of darkness… and to only seek answers in the clear light of reason.

Plenty of rocks are thrown in life, we all get stoned and have scars to show for it, even in this age of individualism but rather than seeking guidance through a system of belief (in a traditional sense), the quest for good feelings and happiness is now chemical and the Holy Grail of psychiatry – euphoria along neuronal pathways. Are substances going to get you and I out of existential despair though, get us over the line to happiness? What’s it to be, a prescription for a bowlful of chemical soup thickened with pointless self-serving morality, or…

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